Kapha Mind-Body Type

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Your scores indicate that you are a Kapha type. Please read below about the qualities of Vata and tips for staying in balance. Any imbalances that you may have will most likely be related to Kapha, your predominant dosha, since this will be your weakest dosha when streed or tired. Ayurveda equips you with greater awareness of your own natures and helps you detect and deal with imbalances before illness develops.

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Kapha relates to water and earth and governs all forms of structure in the body.
Kapha types tend to have well developed bodies with broad shoulders and soft, oily, lustrous skin. They have a regular appetite with a relatively slow digestion and like pungent, astringent and bitter foods, preferring warm drinks. Kapha types are patient, caring, stable and supportive.
Kapha season is December to May and this is when Kapha can easily get out of balance.
Kapha types like routine and structure as well as manual work (involving movement which balances kapha). They learn slowly but remember well. They are highly tolerant and forgiving and flexible but not as sharp minded as Pitta types. They are sociable and like group activities, such as team sports. They are loyal and take care of the family.
Tastes that balance Kapha are bitter, pungent and astringent, eg cumin.
Kapha is involved in strength, stability, smell, taste, potency, joint functions (synovial fluid), satisfaction and nutrition.

Tips to balance Kapha include:

  • Staying warm
  • Manual work is good, either at home, like DIY or work
  • Take warm drinks
  • Being methodical and thorough at work and at home
  • Kapha types are comfortable with less sleep than Pitta or Vata and their sleep in usually deep
  • It is still best not to read just before sleep or watch fast moving scenes on the TV
  • Warm food, favouring pungent, bitter and astringent tastes, e.g. apples, they have a drying quality that suites Kapha
  • The main meal in the middle of the day and lighter food in the evening

When in balance a Kapha types is warm, family orientated and open. They are consistent, reliable, loyal and dependable.