Pitta/Vata Mind-Body Type

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Your scores indicate that you are a Pitta/Vata type. Please read below about the qualities of Pitta and Vata and tips for staying in balance. Any imbalances that you may have will most likely be related to Pitta, your predominant dosha, since this will be your weakest dosha when streed or tired. Ayurveda equips you with greater awareness of your own natures and helps you detect and deal with imbalances before illness develops.


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Pitta relates to fire and water & governs all forms of transformation in the body. Pitta types tend to have a moderate physique with a muscular body and soft, lustrous, warm skin. They have a strong metabolism, good appetite and digestion. They also take a larger quantity of food and like bitter, sweet and astringent foods. Pitta types are determined, focused, ambitious and intelligent.
Tastes that balance Pitta are sweet, bitter and astringent.
Pitta is involved in digestion, metabolism, vision, heat and bodily energy production, skin lustre, hunger and thirst.
Tips to balance Pitta include:

  • Staying cool
  • Working at a steady pace
  • Avoiding confrontational situations, negotiating rather than arguing
  • Taking Pitta pacifying drinks, such as liquorice tea
  • Organising your work in an orderly fashion
  • Getting to bed before 10 (before Pitta time), and avoiding mental stimulation such as reading, TV after 9.30pm
  • Warm food favouring bitter, sweet and astringent tastes, e.g. red grapes
  • The main meal in the middle of the day with cooler flavours, not hot spicy meals

When in balance a Pitta type is focused, motivated, smooth and warm. They make good team players and leaders, like a challenge and have determination.


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Vata relates to space and air and governs all forms of movement in the body. Space and air are light and easily moved with little resistance.
Vata type people usually tend to be thinner with bony limbs and fine, dry skin. Their hands and feet are often cold and dry. They have a variable appetite and they enjoy salty, sweet and sour foods and prefer warm or hot food and drinks. Vata types are creative, enthusiastic, active, alert and are often restless.
Tastes that balance Vata are salty, sour & sweet.
Vata influences respiration, sensory perception, hearing, speech, processes in the body and movement.

Tips to balance Vata include:

  • Staying warm
  • Working more slowly
  • Taking warm drinks
  • Organising your work in an orderly fashion
  • Getting to bed before 10pm – (before Pitta time), as well as no mental stimulation such as reading or TV after 9.30pm
  • Warm food, favouring sweet, salty and sour tastes, e.g. bananas
  • The main meal in the middle of the day and lighter food in the evening

When in balance a Vata type is imaginative, communicative, sharp, lively and intuitive. They make good artistic, creative team players.