Kapha Bar


Kapha with ginger and lemon with a savoury spicy flavour, to energise. Kapha types are broader build caring stable and supportive.

Restore your natural balance with the Kapha Ananda Superfood, Ayurvedic balancing bar, specifically for the Kapha body type. Kapha types tend to have well developed bodies with broad shoulders and soft, oily, lustrous skin. They have a regular appetite with a relatively slow digestion. Kapha types are patient, caring, stable and supportive.

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Ingredients: Sunflower Seed*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Rice Syrup*, Apple Juice Concentrate*, Gluten-Free Oats*, Amaranth Puffs*, Sunflower Oil*, Lemon Powder*, Ground Ginger*, Indian Madder*, Moringa*, Arjuna Bark*, Water Hyssop*, Tulsi*, Long Pepper*, *=Organic

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 140 × 30 × 20 cm


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