Pitta Bar


Pitta, sweet with fennel and coconut, a cooling experience.

Restore your natural balance with the Pitta Ananda Superfood, Ayurvedic balancing bar, specifically for the Pitta body type. Pitta types tend to have a moderate physique with a muscular body and soft, lustrous, warm skin. They have a strong metabolism, good appetite and digestion. Pitta types are determined, focused, ambitious and intelligent.

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Ingredients:  Sultana Raisins*, Raisins*, Sunflower Seeds*, Desiccated Coconut*, Coconut Oil*, Coconut Sugar*, Fennel*, Indian Gooseberry*, Indian Madder*, Moringa*, Water Hyssop*, Arjuna Bark*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Licorice*, Sunflower Oil*. *=Organic. Contains Coconut.


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